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The Boston & Maine Connection

Story & Photos by Keith Spiro Story & Photos by Keith Spiro

Community Owned and Operated Happy 30th Anniversary to THE CRYER - Our Community Good-News Paper

In these days of cutbacks and the demise of value in daily newspapers, a publisher has only two choices – the Rupurt Murdock route – "if it bleeds, it leads type headlines & "contributed" and national news feeds vs. professional photography and local stories, or the Margaret/Verdi Tripp & Crosby family route of participation and passion for everything local and good about the community. 
Seth Godin constantly asks his readers, "What is your art?"  What do you make that is unique and filled with your passionate vision of a better way, a better future? It's a serious question by a national voice for creation and growth and he isn't referring to museum like displays. He is all about first class manufacturing, retail and community good.
Last month, Maine hosted a visit from Jane Chu, the Chairwoman of The National Endowment for The Arts. I met her at the conversation at The Portland Museum of Art as she traveled through the vibrant and diverse communities of Portland, Lewiston and Brunswick in a first ever NEA Chairperson's tour of Maine.
Maine's numbers for participation in the arts is staggeringly higher than the national average in almost every category. Maybe that is why we have a world class work ethic in the workforce and the quality of life that is so often mentioned as a reason for wanting to live and work in Maine.
Investment in the arts is a vote for civil society, civilization and a human touch. Maybe that is also why the Maine Highland Games, The Topsham Fair and the Maine State Music Theatre have all been in continuous service to the community for such a long and continuing run. Each of these MidCoast Maine organizations have strong local support and are nurtured by patrons and participants alike. 
So, it was a particularly proud and fitting moment when Cryer publisher Charles Crosby was called up on the stage at MSMT by Artistic Director Curt Dale Clark and recognized, not just for the sponsorship and generous media coverage of local programs, but also for thirty years of service to the Mid Coast community. This was also the performance when the 2016 MSMT season was announced- allowing the Cryer – a  monthly - to scoop its competition.
This issue of the Cryer is 32 pages jammed packed with items of interest and value to the many communities it serves. Where else do you get to see an Amtrak Downeaster food vendor giving thumbs up to the latest copy of news we care about. (Thank you Carmen, for providing the food, entertainment and personal service on every ride you take!)
Why else would a photo of Jane Chu, NEA Chair, Julie Richard, Maine arts council Executive Director and Representative Chellie Pingree carry such weight? This wasn't just a playful pose. The photo was taken by the Director of Scheduling for the NEA chair and opened to August's two page spread of Al Miller's Shakespeare in the Park, The BDA dedication of community donated Haven Sculpture and the lively coverage of our community supporting the arts. 
What better way to get federal and outside support than to show others that  these are things we care about.  Thank you to publisher Charlie Crosby and his family for providing the space to tell these community good news stories. The Cryer has no police blotter, no listing of fire or emergency responded calls – except the images of the responders being feted by the community. Think about community and what communication means in this connected age.
Think about community and what communication means in this connected age. We speak with our time, attention and where we spend our money. If you are a business person or the person responsible for your organization's advertising decisions, remember the Cryer next time you go to place advertising. Your ad in the Cryer is a vote for community news.
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