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Home | Current News and Features | Kieve-Wavus says thank you to our Vietnam Veterans with 7th Annual Camp

Kieve-Wavus says thank you to our Vietnam Veterans with 7th Annual Camp

Vietnam Veterans attending Kieve’s 7th Annual Vietnam Camp last week at Kieve-Wavus. Vietnam Veterans attending Kieve’s 7th Annual Vietnam Camp last week at Kieve-Wavus.

As the first official measurable snow fell on the mid-coast, the staff at Kieve-Wavus was busy preparing to greet 22 Vietnam Veterans and 12 of their spouses & guests at the Kieve campus in Nobleboro to say “Thanks”.

For the past 7 years, Kieve-Wavus has invited veterans and their families to come to the peaceful shores of Damariscotta Lake free of charge to relax, have fun and more importantly, reconnect with their families and other veterans who may have been in the same military conflict as them.  Kieve-Wavus’ Executive Director Henry Kennedy said, “We are proud and honored to be able to host these friends and brave veterans who gave so much to our country for our freedom”.

Our most recent week long Vietnam Veterans camp started Monday, December 5th and concluded on Friday, December 9th and was filled with activities like pottery, acupuncture, pedicures , haircutting,  rock-climbing, zip-lining, riflery, cribbage, cooking and card games.

All of this could not have been possible if it was not for the hard work of our many local volunteers: Ed Thelander – Riflery, Alan Baldwin – Pottery, Donna Day Begley – Pedicures & haircutting, Alicia Yip- Acupuncture, Tom Wager from the Lincoln County Sherriff’s office chaplain opened each day with a morning prayer and Courtney Krolikoski & Melissa Hlovac helping and supporting our guests.

A few comments from these Vietnam Veterans include: “I can honestly report that my first welcome home from Vietnam came from the staff at Camp Kieve. “ Joe L - Air Force, “I had a tremendous time meeting up with my brothers and making new friends.” Robert H – Marines, “The atmosphere was so relaxing; you couldn’t help but make friends.” William M – Army, “The Kieve crew was great! They were kind, caring, respectful professionals.  Keep up the good work!” Philip W - Navy

Maine is proud to honor its veterans and their service to our country. As one of the few states with a dedicated recognition program, Maine takes every opportunity to celebrate the courage and sacrifice of our state's veterans. The State of Maine has established the "Honoring a Veteran" recognition program to honor our veterans for their military service. The program honors those that have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in defense of freedom, those Former POW's as well as those who are still POW's and/or missing, those who were wounded in action and received the Purple Heart, and all of our veterans who honorably served our great nation and state.  Kieve-Wavus annually hosts Vietnam Veterans and their families for a week to honor them for their service.  This week, veterans of the Vietnam War, representing the US Army, US Marines, US Navy, US Air Force, and the US Coast Guard, and their families attended the camp.  The Maine Bureau of Veterans Services took this opportunity to honor them for their service by presenting them with their “Certificates of Appreciation.”  The Certificates read:

“Certificate of Appreciation from the Citizens of Maine to “veteran’s name”. In recognition of your honorable service during the Vietnam War in the Armed Forces of our country.  We the citizens of the State of Maine, express our sincere appreciation of your sacrifice, courage, and willingness to serve our great state and nation.  We are proud of you and thank you for your contribution to the defense of Freedom.” 

One of the Veterans also received the State’s Silver Star Honorable Service Medal and Certificate that is given to Purple Heart recipients.   The presentation was made by David Richmond, Deputy Director of the Maine Bureau of Veterans Services.


Kieve-Wavus hosts four family veterans’ camps at their Wavus campus in Jefferson and two veteran specialty camps; Vietnam only and Women’s Only; on their Kieve campus in Nobleboro.  All camps are free of charge to the veterans and their families and are funded by Kieve-Wavus with the support of private donations and corporate grants made by those who deeply appreciate the service that all veterans provided to their country.  Additional donations and support is always welcome. For additional information on all of our veterans camps, please visit

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