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Cat Paws by Wilma Wonka

(HM, Human Mom; HD, Human Dad; HA, Human Aunt; HU, Human Uncle; HF, Human Friend; HL, Human Little; HK, Human Kids) (HM, Human Mom; HD, Human Dad; HA, Human Aunt; HU, Human Uncle; HF, Human Friend; HL, Human Little; HK, Human Kids)

MARCH 2012


So HM put the little humidifier on the table right beside my winter box.  I crawl in and the noise puts me right to sleep.  I love it, plus I have been breathing easier and sleeping more. Shannon isn’t sure what it is, as usual.  She can not hear so she gets spooked and I think she can feel a slight vibration.  I try to tell her it is not anything to be nervous about, but she does not believe me.


The full moon in February was very bright, I was up half the night just watching it in the back yard.  Not that there is much to see, unless an animal comes by, but it is just interesting looking out there at night and seeing everything like it was day time.


We have a huge dog living in the house out behind ours.  He likes to bark a lot, but seems to be nice enough.  He loves to chase his ball and sometimes it falls in to our backyard and his HD has to come over the fence to get it.  It is fun watching the goings on, the dog wants to come over, too.  He knows that canine cousin Sammy lives next door.


So HM said this has been a very strange winter.  I would not know as I do not go outside, but there certainly has not been a lot of snow on the ground. The squirrels and birds have been in the back yard having all kinds of fun.  The squirrels chase each other all over the place and the birds like to bug the squirrels at the table where the seeds are.   She is a little nervous about the summer, if the winter has been so weird.  She said maybe we will have snow in July.  Everyone laughs at her, but it has happened in the past.


Right now I am not going to think about that. I am going to look out the window, watch the squirrels, and wait for the warmer weather when we can open the windows.










Well, as I write this column we are getting our biggest snowstorm of the year, of course, as HM pointed out, the year is not that old yet.  So, I should say the biggest storm since snow season began.  Anyhow, it looks pretty out there.  HM opened the door and let me sniff, it is cold and I am so very glad I have a nice warm house to be in.  I have my box to sleep in if I want, or HM’s bed which is never cold.  I feel sorry for the cats I see out there wandering around the neighborhood, but HM said they know how to take care of themselves.  Many of them have been here for years.  It is their way of life.  It makes me sad to think that someone did not want them any longer and dropped them off in town, it is not fair.


Canine Cousin Sammy has been really excited. He loves it when the snow plow does the driveway and he gets a mountain in the front yard.  He sits on his mountain and howls and barks and has a great time.  HA Ginnie said she is going to get him one of those collars so he will not bark anymore, that will be sad for him, but probably great for the neighborhood.


HM said that maybe spring will come early this year and we can open the windows again. I miss smelling the nice fresh air and listening to the birds.  Poor Shannon, she can not hear, so she misses a lot, but her eyesight seems to be pretty good, even if she does have one blue eye and one green eye. 


In the meantime, HM has made our little winter homes for us out of boxes and we love them.  We can snuggle in, look out the window when we want and sleep in peace.  Look at how happy I am in the above photo, how lucky can two cats be?  I have not heard from any of you felines out there for a long time.  Tell your HM’s and HD’s to send me a couple of notes.  All they have to do is listen to you purr out your message and they can type it on to the computer.  I will answer you.  


Until the next time, happy winter, and stay warm.








By the time you get this, Christmas will be over.  Our catnip mice will be in shreds, our special treats will be all eaten up and we will be laying around fat and happy, sleeping and purring. This is a cat’s life.  Of course, we had a great time helping HM make gifts this year, especially the beads.  She did do some painting of things and that was fun too.  We love to watch her do things though.  Sometimes she gets really playful and will let us help, especially with the paint.  We can make quite a mess, but she is good, washes our paws off and cleans up our mess. She said she is thinking of having us do some art work for next Christmas.  She forgets we are cats and when we are told to do something, when it isn’t our idea, it does not get done.


We have had a lot of company this winter with Canine Cousin Sammy and friend Evie.  Evie is like us, she loves to sleep, does not eat a lot and never gets into our cat box.  On the other hand, Sammy loves to chase use he is here.  I guess that is the difference between dogs that have different lives.  Sammy lives a quiet life with HA and Evie lives with four kids.


Anyway, I hope you all have a very happy new year.  HM said things are tough, but they will get better.  Her dad use to say “Things are tough all over, even the subway’s in a hole.”  Not sure what that means, but she says it a lot, too.  Until the next time, keep warm and get lots of sleep.  It is winter.

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